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15+ AI Email Writer Tools to Improve Your Emails and Customer Communication

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The average employee spends as many as 10 hours and 47 minutes drafting 112 emails, which works out to just over 5.5 minutes per shot. And if a well-personalized email takes 20-30 minutes, either fewer emails get sent or employees spend even more time drafting an email.

This leads to a major dilemma – Which has greater bang for your buck: more personalization or more email volume?

The correct answer is… both.

More personalization and more volume both have a positive impact on sales outreach.

So if they’re both desirable, how can you attain both?

That’s where an AI email writer comes in.

What is an AI email writer?

In simple terms, an AI email writer is a specialized writing software that’s powered by artificial intelligence.

Not all AI writers are equal though. The best and most modern ones use generative AI as its underlying technology.

Good, all-purpose AI email writers can fill the role of your virtual assistant who helps with general writing tasks. However, for more specialized jobs, you should use an AI writer that’s been fine-tuned for the field.

For instance, AiSDR is trained to create emails and texts that match your brand’s tone and voice when reaching out to prospects. On top of that, AiSDR uses LinkedIn and HubSpot data to personalize and further elevate the quality of email copy.

Let’s take a closer look at how exactly AI email writers work. 

How does an AI email writer work?

Just picture ChatGPT in action, and you’ll grasp the inner workings of any AI email writer. Essentially, it follows a series of steps:

  • The AI writer reads your information, such as the key subject, purpose, and the recipient’s name, and grasps the context using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.  
  • It creates emails using the preferred language and tone and personalizes them based on your instructions and the information stored in the system. 
  • Some AI email writers can learn from your writing style and past emails to personalize the messages even more, making them sound as if they arrived directly from you.
  • It checks for spelling and grammar mistakes to make sure your email looks polished and professional.
  • AI email writers aren’t limited to just composing emails; they can also suggest how to respond to incoming emails or provide relevant information based on the email content.

As they handle emails for diverse purposes, AI writers can speed up email writing at every stage of the sales pipeline, from first reach to upselling, which makes them pipeline management solutions. Overall, these AI helpers are super handy for saving time and ensuring your emails are well-crafted and compelling.

The catch is to choose the tool that fits your needs and budget best to enjoy maximum benefits. Our list can assist you with this task. 

16 AI email writing tools  

Dozens of AI writers are readily available to assist you in composing emails. We categorized the best of them into two groups to give you a clear picture. Simply choose the one that matches your needs.

Free AI writer tools 

When starting your journey with AI-based email writing tools, it’s best to dip your toes in the water with free options to gauge how they can help you with optimizing and building a sales pipeline. Here are some variants you can explore.

Hubspot AI Email Writer

HubSpot AI Email Writer generates content, recommends personalization based on lead data, and offers A/B testing to make campaigns more effective. You can even develop the whole email campaign from scratch and track it in the same Hubspot app, avoiding data silos.


GMPlus offers 100 AI-generated prompts to speed up email writing and keep customer communication personalized. GMPlus’s template storage ensures quick access and reuse of favorite prompt templates, while multilingual support empowers writing in any language.


Ghostwrite is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that generates professional emails that match the user’s tone. It also checks grammar and spelling. To speed up email writing even more, you can save AI-generated email templates for future use.


WriteMail is a no-login AI email writer that creates email copies based on provided details. It can generate new emails or responses, customize the tone with multiple voice options, and tailor the email type, length, language, and mood. 


Botowski helps you create catchy slogans, email templates, and blog content with one click. Just instruct it, set the tone, and get the results. If you don’t like it, click the Generate button again, and AI will suggest alternatives. 

If the capabilities of these free tools don’t meet your needs for pipeline sales management, you can always explore paid solutions with more extensive packages and advanced features.  

Paid AI-Powered Email Writers to Satisfy All Your Needs

When you’re ready to take your email writing to the next level, give paid AI tools a try. These tools offer more features and customization options to help you truly connect with your audience and grow your sales.


AiSDR can fully automate your email writing, sending, and follow-ups. This tool records customer communications, synchronizes HubSpot active and static lists, simplifies lead discovery, and automates mailbox warm-up. Additionally, AiSDR covers both inbound and outbound sales and marketing. It can even handle objections and answer questions with the intent of getting your leads to book a meeting.

Pricing: $750 per month per 1,000 emails effortlessly crafts emails, blog posts, and social media content. It offers 90+ pre-trained templates, multiple language support, and a user-friendly interface, making email writing fast and effective. pricing: From $36 to $186 a month. A free package with 2,000 words in chat and a free trial are available

Grammarly AI

Grammarly stands out as one of the most popular grammar and style checkers, and it has recently added an AI suggestion feature. With the Grammarly browser extension, you can effortlessly generate polished, error-free emails using AI prompts right in Gmail or other email services. 

Grammarly AI pricing: The premium plan is $12 per month, and the business plan goes up to $15 per month. A free plan with limited features is also available

Smartwriter AI

Smartwriter’s features, like prospect data collection and tailored email creation, help you write personalized emails and build relationships with customers at scale. This tool can also read blogs, understand context, and generate personalized backlink requests, providing customers with relevant information in just a few clicks.

Smartwriter AI pricing: From $49 to $299 per month. A 7-day free trial is available

Jasper AI

Jasper AI helps you write emails, social media posts, and blog entries while maintaining your unique brand voice. You can choose context, writing style, and audience to create tailored emails for every purpose. It also supports voice prompts and keywords and integrates with tools like Grammarly and other Chrome extensions for added functionality.

Jasper AI pricing: From $39 to $59 per month. A 7-day free trial is available



Flowrite simplifies email writing by generating personalized Gmail, LinkedIn, and Outlook messages based on brief instructions. Its key features include multiple email versions tailored to the recipient’s content, customization based on user roles, and a rich gallery of AI templates. Flowrite also integrates with popular web browsers and offers grammar and spell-checking features. 

Flowrite pricing: From $4 to $24 per month. A free trial is available


Hyperwrite is a Chrome extension powered by ChatGPT that can craft persuasive emails, blog posts, speeches, marketing content, and social media updates while enhancing clarity, tone, and style. It also offers accurate translation for multilingual texts, text editing, summarising, and integrations with Gmail, Google Docs, and WordPress. 

Hyperwrite pricing: From $19.99 to $49.99 per month. A free trial is available


Rytr’s intuitive interface and customizable templates allow you to swiftly generate high-quality emails, blog posts, and social media content. This tool can also expand your notes into full text while preserving your tone and writing style. It also supports multiple languages and allows you to select an emotional tone to ensure that every message effectively communicates the intended message. 

Rytr pricing: From $7.50 to $24.16 per month. A free trial and a free plan with 10,000 characters per month is available


Mailr offers effortless writing and responding to emails based on user intentions or goals. Its key features include 10+ tone customization options, budget-friendly plans, and a convenient Chrome extension. 

Mailr pricing: A free plan with a 2,000-word limit or $4.99 monthly


Ellie’s understanding of context and support for multiple languages and different roles allow it to learn and replicate users’ writing styles. So, it can craft perfect personalized emails for every need. You can write emails directly from your inbox as it offers a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Ellie pricing: From $19 to $79 per month per seat. A free plan with three simple replies a day is available


Remail is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that helps you quickly generate tailored responses based on sentiment and context. With just a click, you can select from pre-generated positive or negative responses or create custom replies. You can also upload the company’s resources, such as FAQs or guides, to write informative emails and respond to customer questions with a few clicks. 

Remail pricing: From $9.99 to $49 per month. A free plan with 15 emails per month is available.

But before you start signing up for every tool, here’s a list of features you need to keep an eye out for when picking the option that best matches your needs.

Essential features for an AI writer in sales

Here is a rundown of features to consider when choosing the perfect AI email writer:

  • Built-in lead database to access a pool of lead and customer data. With all the necessary data in one system, you won’t have to give elaborate instructions to AI as it can automatically extract information to write a tailored email.
  • Automatic inbox warm-up to save time on manual warm-up and building email deliverability. The more reputable your inbox, the less likely your emails will end up in spam folders. 
  • High-level personalization to make emails resonate with leads, boosting engagement and conversions.
  • Feedback loop for improvement to evaluate email performance and identify and fix issues through AI optimization suggestions.

While high-quality, human-like text generation remains the primary focus for all AI email writers, these extra features will greatly simplify your sales outreach.

AI-powered email writer for efficient communication

AI email writers are highly useful tools for improving customer communication, optimizing workflows, and improving the quality of email outreach copy. While free versions are useful for familiarizing yourself with generative AI, specialized software offers advanced features and more capabilities for smoother integration into your sales process.

Not only does AiSDR create personalized email copy that sells in your voice, but it carries out many of the time-consuming, headache-inducing tasks like mailbox warm-up, data syncing with HubSpot, follow-ups, and lead prospecting.

Book a demo to see how AiSDR can power your outreach. 


What AI solutions can help write emails?

AI-powered email writing tools such as OpenAI’s GPT-3 can help generate email drafts or suggestions. Advanced tools like AiSDR can be integrated into your inbox and create email campaigns tailored to the lead’s needs. 

Is there a tool for writing sales emails?

Yes, several tools are designed for writing sales emails, such as HubSpot AI Email Writer, Grammarly, or AiSDR. These tools often include templates, personalization options, and analytics to optimize outreach efforts.

What does an AI writer do?

An AI writer can:

  • Generate text content based on input parameters, such as tone, style, and context
  • Understand language patterns and produce contextually appropriate text
  • Assist in drafting emails, articles, marketing copy, and more
  • Mimic human-like language and communication
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