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AiSDR Product Update: February 2024

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AiSDR news

Believe it or not, we’re already one month into 2024 😱

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Plus, not only did we end 2023 on a strong note, but we wanted to start 2024 even stronger.

And even though many are already starting to drop their New Year resolutions (couldn’t possibly be you, right? 😉), we’ve still got our nose to the grindstone. We’re pushing hard to develop and launch brand-new features that can power your outreach and grow your sales pipeline.

With that in mind, here’s a sneak peek at all the new features you can start using today in AiSDR.

Lead Discovery

Ever been in a situation where you’re running low on leads? Or you’re unsure where to get prospects’ emails? 

If you need a fresh stream of leads for your sales campaigns, try out our Lead Discovery database containing 700M+ professionals across 35+ million companies. In just a few clicks, you can: 

  • Filter leads by segment (e.g. industry, location, job title)
  • Add more leads to active campaigns
  • Create a brand-new campaign with fresh leads

All customers have unlimited access to Lead Discovery, which means you’ll never have to worry about not having enough leads.

You can also use over 10+ filters to quickly identify leads who match your target audience before adding them to your campaign.

Inbox Warm-up (and Cooldown)

If you’ve just started your sales outreach and your emails are landing in spam, one possible reason is that your email account either has a poor reputation or hasn’t been warmed up enough. 

Within the last year, the time required to warm up your inbox grew from ~14 days to ~4 weeks. On top of that, for best results, warm-up needs to be regularly maintained. 

However, manual warm-up is tedious and time-consuming, and outsourcing can get expensive. Alternatively, you can delegate warm-up to us and we’ll handle it for you at no extra cost. 

Cooldown does the inverse. If your inbox starts to run too hot (such as sending too many emails in too short a time), Cooldown will slow down the rate of outgoing emails, allowing your inbox to “cool off”.

Multiple Mailboxes

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t send more than 50 emails a day from the same account. Sending more could result in your account being blocked. 

If your volume is limited to just 50 per day, a campaign with 250 leads will need a week to send all first-touch emails (if you include follow-ups, it will take over a week). 

To help you ramp up your daily outgoing volume, we’ve released a new feature – Mailboxes. 

Mailboxes allows you to connect multiple mailboxes to your AiSDR account. You can add as many mailboxes as you own. So if you link 5 email accounts to your AiSDR account, you can increase your max volume from 50 to 250 emails per day.

Bounce Checker

Ideally, an outbound sales campaign should score a bounce rate under 5%

That’s because every time an email bounces, it hurts both your email deliverability and your sender reputation. 

If your inbox reputation falls too much, you could end up getting your account blocked. So unless you’ve already got a backup account warmed up and ready to go, this will set your campaigns back ~4 weeks. 

To ensure this won’t happen, we’ve launched a built-in bounce checker that automatically verifies addresses before your emails are sent, preserving your reputation and maximizing deliverability.


AiSDR already sends automatic email notifications for common situations such as when a demo is booked.

To continue building out AiSDR’s ability to recognize different events, we’ve added a notification for that flags email responses that specifically ask to speak to someone higher up the chain.

For example, if you decide to target CEOs of start-ups and small businesses, they might ask to speak to the Head of Sales instead of an SDR. In this situation, AiSDR will send a special notification that lets you know who made the request and who they want to speak with.

Sales GPT

One small step for man. One giant leap for AiSDR!

We’ve launched our own specialized Sales GPT 🚀 We fine-tuned it to be able to answer your sales-specific questions regarding topics including (but not limited to):

  • Email personalization
  • Lead discovery
  • Customer segmentation
  • Inbox warm-up
  • Outreach best practices

And more 🔥

You can even use our Sales GPT to generate possible emails for your sales outreach. Just keep in mind that for best results, you’ll still need to include context and details, such as your target audience and info about yourself or your company.  

Put our Sales GPT to the test via the GPT Store.

Take AiSDR for a Spin

With these new features, all you need is an email account before launching your sales outreach. AiSDR eliminates most of the hassle you encounter when setting up campaigns.

From finding new leads and automating your inbox warm-up to creating emails and sending responses, you can delegate the tedious work to AiSDR so that you can focus on what you do best.

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