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Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy
Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy

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One-of-a-kind, IP-protected sales AI. HubSpot Native outreach. Dedicated 24/7 support and all features unlocked. See what else makes 60+ clients trust AiSDR

What sets AiSDR apart from the crowd

The most flexible and configurable AI

Confidently send emails and texts in your tone and brand voice

Personalizes with LinkedIn and hiring/buyer intent

Connect with leads at the right time with a relevant, unique message

Runs on full auto-pilot

Speak with clients, answer questions, and handle objections completely hands-free

Sales tactics from 50+ experts under the hood

Use cutting-edge sales frameworks and practices that make messages crisp, short, and to the point

Native two-way HubSpot integration

Sync your HubSpot active and static lists and automatically update your CRM contact data

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Spoiler alert: Most prospects dig the messaging without realizing it’s AI 😉


Show your prospects that you really get them

Before AiSDR

Only basic info like name, company, and industry gets used for personalization

Teams often fail to send follow-ups on time

Email templates are generic and inflexible with unnatural-sounding personalization

Emails from prospects get lost in your team’s inbox

SDRs spend 20-30 minutes personalizing one email

Emails don’t reach inboxes due to a bad sender reputation, lots of bounces, and getting flagged as spam

Teams miss sales opportunities, leading to unmet quotas, low morale, and market share erosion

With AiSDR

AiSDR uses a lead’s buyer intent and LinkedIn activity to make messages timely and relevant

AiSDR always sends a follow-up to an engaged lead

AiSDR creates dynamically personalized messages that are unique each time and sound like you wrote them

AiSDR sends a reply to every email in less than 10 minutes

AiSDR spends 10-15 seconds personalizing one email

AiSDR maxes deliverability with data validity checks, ongoing warm-up, and automated inbox rotation

AiSDR lets teams to add new channels for outreach, focus on driving value, and generate new business

Same price, more mileage

Dedicated 24/7 support

AiSDR provides white-glove support that’s always available. Your customer success rep will help set up campaigns, track results, brainstorm ideas, and troubleshoot issues.

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Unlimited new leads

Our lead database contains over 700M contacts across 30M+ companies around the world. You can pull unlimited leads to fuel your campaigns at no extra cost.

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Built-in email deliverability tools

Every email address is checked 3 times to keep your bounce rate under 5%. Non-stop mailbox warm-up grows your sender reputation so your emails never land in spam.

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Unlimited inboxes

You can easily send more emails each day by adding more mailboxes. This helps you swap out inboxes and prevent them from “overheating”.

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Omnichannel outreach

Grow your message awareness and conversion by sending contextualized follow-up emails and texts that grab the lead’s eye.

LinkedIn personalization

AiSDR uses a lead’s bio and 3 most recent LinkedIn posts to tailor content. This helps you make a better pitch and forge a stronger relationship.

Native HubSpot integration

Sync your active and static lists to follow up with any inbound requests. Set AiSDR to automatically nurture and fast-track prospects through their sales funnel.

Best outbound practices

AiSDR works with top sales experts to keep feeding cutting-edge approaches into our AI. This way your messages will always cut through the noise.

10+ software updates each day

While others have 1 product update a week (at best), we have over 10 a day. We’re constantly working on new features and fixes to improve AiSDR’s performance.

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