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Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy

Harmix strengthened their outbound campaigns and ensured no reply was ever late

“We’ve been with AiSDR for 3 months now and we achieved an 8.38% response rate and a 74.97% open rate.” – Nick Shcherban, VP of Partnerships

Key results from using AiSDR
19 meeting requests
8.38% response rate
74.97% open rate
Industry Software, AI Music Search
Team Partnerships
Location United States

About Harmix

Harmix is an AI-driven music discovery company that simplifies music search for production libraries, publishers, and labels. Using advanced machine-learning models, Harmix sources and matches music for videos, films, games, and creative projects. This makes it faster and easier for customers to find and license the right music, increasing sales and speeding up the process of matching music with visual projects.


As a fast-scaling company, Harmix faced a few challenges with their sales motions during their growth. They needed to set up and manage various outbound email campaigns quickly without overusing templates. Additionally, they understood that timely follow-ups and responses were critical to avoid losing deals due to missed replies from potential customers. To close this gap in their sales activities, they considered either hiring a new employee or implementing an AI SDR into their sales team.


Here are the key challenges that influenced their decision:


  • Managing a large number of outbound emails by one person became overwhelming
  • Hiring and onboarding a new employee to manage outbound campaigns was more expensive and time-consuming
  • Writing unique, personalized emails to each lead proved difficult for a human employee


In the end, it turned out that implementing AiSDR was cheaper and easier than onboarding a new employee. Plus, the AI SDR wrote unique emails at speeds that humans couldn’t compete with.

High cost and effort of hiring
Slow response times
Massive email volume

“The client support team is remarkably efficient and responsive.” – Nick Shcherban, VP of Partnerships

8.38% response rate
Not a single reply was missed
19 meeting requests


With AiSDR, Harmix automated outbound campaigns so that each email would be unique and data from a lead’s LinkedIn profile was used to add a personal touch. No replies slipped into the void of an overflowing inbox.

Sample conversations AiSDR had for #Harmix


“We chose AiSDR because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The bot works faster than a human, which adds real value to our business.” – Nick Shcherban, VP of Partnerships

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