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Case study: Metal

1.8x more revenue in a month

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Metal closed 1.8x more revenue in a month from deals using AiSDR

“In the first month, we spent X on AiSDR and closed 1.8x in revenue on deals that were sourced via AiSDR.” – Usman Gul, Founder & CEO of Metal

Key results from using AiSDR
1.5% conversion rate
3-4% response rate
43-69% open rate
Industry B2B Software
Team Founders
Location United States

About Metal

Metal is an investor intelligence and CRM platform that enables founders to be super-targeted and efficient in their fundraising. Metal’s platform helps start-ups identify likely investors and run structured fundraising campaigns.


As a new start-up (YC W23), Metal’s most pressing need was to get its product in front of target users and generate value quickly with its limited sales and marketing resources. Before AiSDR, Metal managed outbound messages manually and experienced several challenges:


  • Manual outreach led to significant problems that hurt email deliverability.
  • Their team was operating at max capacity and couldn’t scale outreach further.
  • The team was unsatisfied with how much work it took to get a lead to book a meeting.
Poor email deliverability
No capacity to scale
Insufficient # of meetings booked

“We use AiSDR and are super happy customers. Their team is amazing to work with. And the product just works.” – Usman Gul, Founder & CEO of Metal

1.92% conversion rate
~3.5% response rate
All booked within 3 weeks

With AiSDR, Metal set up a fully autonomous outreach campaigns that created and sent unique emails to each lead without requiring any manual work or input from Metal’s team.


  • Within a month of launching their first campaigns, the CEO’s schedule was completely booked.
  • Unique messages, email personalization, and automatic warm-up eliminated email deliverability problems.
Sample conversations AiSDR had for #Metal

Metal closed 1.8x more revenue in their first month of using AiSDR. They also fixed email deliverability issues, automated cold outreach, and achieved a satisfactory conversion rate.

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