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1.8x more revenue in a month

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Fast and personalized outreach for inbound leads

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100% replies driving more sales

Case study: TPS

18 meetings booked in one week

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Unlocking Sales Excellence: Metrics, Benchmarks, & Factors

Explore essential email metrics and how you can use them to score bigger (and better) deals

Email metrics are the stepping stones to sustainable and successful sales outreach. They give insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly so that you can address red flags as they appear.

To help you out, we created this guide based on our own data to go over metrics you should be tracking, as well as how you can check your progress. This guide contains:

  • Critical outreach metrics
  • Factors that can boost (or inhibit) performance
  • Benchmarks to analyze your progress
  • Breakdown of inbound vs outbound

Get this guide to find out the what and how of tracking your email performance. We’ll also be updating it with fresh data every quarter! 



Chief Sales Officers

Find out which metrics are critical and their benchmarks so you can review progress and set realistic outreach targets for your sales department

Sales teams

Train your sales teammates on how to gain insights and use metrics to fine-tune their sales approach and adjust messaging to match your audience

Inside sales reps

Explore which factors help and harm your performance so you can schedule your messaging for best results and get more meetings booked

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