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Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy
Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy
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Let AiSDR try and convince you to book a meeting with us

There’s no better way to see how our AI will sell to your prospects than by checking how it sells to you.

That’s why we trained our AI to know everything it needs about AiSDR and our prospects’ goals and challenges.

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Within 1 day, you’ll get a first-touch email from Enigma, our AI SDR mascot 🧑‍🚀
  • Enigma will work its magic ✨ to try and get you to book a call with our (human) sales rep
  • Our AI will pull info and context from your LinkedIn bio and latest posts to craft a personalized message that’s only relevant to you
  • Once you respond, Enigma will get back to you in 10 minutes and keep the discussion rolling
  • You’ll get a friendly follow-up if you forget to reply…
  • … and you can talk about anything! (Enigma’s read the entire internet. Twice 🤠)

Come witness why our clients get ~68% open rates, 5-11% reply rates, and 1–3 meetings booked every 100 leads.

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Have our AI share anything you want to know about our solution. Find out how well AiSDR responds to prospects’ questions and see what happens if it doesn’t know the exact answer.

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Second-guessing is part of human nature. Share your concerns about employing AI, its effectiveness, and anything else on your mind. Take note of how AiSDR tackles them.

Give our AI a hard time

Your prospects can get really picky and ask you all sorts of uncomfortable questions. So why not do the same and see how AiSDR will handle them? Test our AI and check out how it will work its way out of tricky situations.

Check out how AiSDR runs your outreach. Get the best AI message quality on the market.