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Qualify leads

AiSDR will help you sort through leads so you can start moving them down your sales funnel

For outbound

Connect your ZoomInfo account or upload a spreadsheet and AiSDR’s AI lead generation will help you pinpoint leads that fit your ideal customer profile. Use insights beyond just company size, industry, and role to drive your outbound marketing.

For inbound

Connect your HubSpot account or a website intake form and allow AiSDR to automatically take care of follow-ups and inbound lead qualification. AiSDR will push leads down your sales funnel and either book meetings with sales reps or add them to tailored nurturing campaigns.

Talk to prospects

AiSDR will enable prospects and leads to book a call with you faster than ever

Tell AiSDR which objections you hear the most and how you previously handled them, and your AI SDR will use them to convince prospects to book a call with your sales rep. Even if your leads aren’t interested for now, our AI email assistant will develop a personalized nurturing sequence that lays the foundation for future conversations.

Create email campaigns

AiSDR will create personalized, tailored email campaigns for your business

Simplify your work by never having to manually craft an email campaign again. Regardless of whether you’re planning a webinar or inviting prospects to visit your conference booth, just inform AiSDR about what you want to achieve and AiSDR will generate an entire email campaign for you in minutes. All you need to do is approve it and AiSDR will manage all the sending.

Book meetings

AiSDR will speed up bookings at a fraction of the cost of your current SDR

Optimize your SDR costs with the help of robust integrations and advanced generative AI technology. AiSDR will book meetings with engaged leads for you on auto-pilot, outperforming your SDRs at 10% of the cost. No more prospects will ever fall through the cracks


How it works

AiSDR will act as your AI SDR

Just like a human SDR, AiSDR will reach out to your prospects on your behalf and engage them in personalized conversations with the goal of booking a meeting for you. Your AI SDR will take care of everything: lead scoring, delivery, content, nurturing, follow-ups, objections… All you need to do is run the meetings. It may seem like magic at first, but trust us, it’s just a very talented sales AI assistant.


Who can AiSDR help?



AiSDR is perfect for start-ups who don’t have a dedicated SDR yet. Keep overhead costs low so you can reinvest revenue into growing your business and launching your product.


AiSDR will aid marketing teams that are struggling to move inbound leads down their funnel without the help of SDRs. Experiment with outbound strategies and manage outbound email campaigns by leveraging AI for email marketing to grow your bottom line.


AiSDR will support sales teams that are making every effort to meet their sales quota. Grow your pipeline by automating the process of scheduling new sales calls to your calendar. Speed up lead scoring and qualification with AiSDR’s AI for sales powerful engine.
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