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Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy
Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy

The Partner Sales achieved 18 on-site event meetups in one week with AiSDR

“I really appreciate the level of service and results!” – Bas Rutten, COO

Key results from using AiSDR
4.68% conversion rate
7.49% response rate
61.56% open rate
Industry Consulting, Networking Company
Team Founders
Location Netherlands

About The Partner Sales

The Partner Sales (TPS) is an international team of business developers, CRM and ERP specialists, and sales professionals. The Partner Sales has two main brands and services that operate independently from each other:


The Partner Sales brand and services are devoted to empower Independent Software Vendors, Software Implementation Partners and related companies in the business software industry. They offer several sales and consulting services to support these companies to improve, scale and grow their business.


SoftwareMatching.io brand and services specializes in matching businesses with the perfect software solutions to meet their unique needs. SoftwareMatching.io leverages its extensive network of software providers and in-depth industry knowledge to offer tailored recommendations.


The Partner Sales (TPS) faced several obstacles with lead acquisition and pipeline management. With a relatively small team, they needed extra hands to handle their inbound and outbound email activities efficiently without sacrificing the quality of outreach.


  • Scaling their outreach was an ambitious goal for their small team
  • Keeping a personal touch in emails was challenging without the right tools or people and put the quality of their outreach at risk
  • Manually managing email campaigns was time-consuming, leading to potential delays in crafting personalized emails and timely follow-ups that resulted in lost deals
No personalization
Outreach was difficult to scale
Emails were eating too much time

“We wanted to scale outreach asap, but hiring and training a human SDR would set us back 2-3 months. AiSDR was up and running much faster than if we hired someone.” – Bas Rutten, COO

18 meetings booked in one week
4.68% conversion rate
61.56% open rate


To see what AiSDR could do for TPS, we started with two campaigns targeting prospects from a future event list. The goal was to set up on-site meetings during the event by scheduling them a week in advance. AiSDR’s AI created detailed personas and tailored messages exactly as TPS requested. Each email was unique, personalized, and compliant with TPS’ overall messaging. Here’s what we achieved:


  • In 7 days, TPS sent ~60 unique emails each day, all automated by AiSDR
  • AiSDR booked 18 on-site meetups with potential clients in the first week before the event


The Partner Sales was happy to report that the event was a blast🔥

Sample conversations AiSDR had for #ThePartnerSales


“We had good results with our manually personalized campaign, but AiSDR helped take it to a new level. Very happy with the results!” – Bas Rutten, COO

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