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15 Effective Outreach Email Templates to Increase Conversions

15 Effective Outreach Email Templates to Increase Conversions
Feb 14, 2024
Joshua Schiefelbein

Want to increase your email conversions? Make these 15 templates work for you to hook leads, capture deals, or train AI 😉

15m 17s reading time

Outreach emails are like fishing lines you cast into the sea in hopes of a catch. Only the sea is the market and every catch is a new customer.

Not every email will produce a sale, but if you don’t even cast a line, you won’t hook any customers.

And just like how you need good gear to improve your chances of a nice haul of fish, your emails also need good “equipment”. This means eye-catching subject lines, resonant content, and a clear message that align with an effective email framework. So long as your recipients find value in your messaging, your chances of hooking them will skyrocket.

Lastly, the best fishermen know which fish they want and where to find them. Likewise, before you go fishing, you’ll need to know who your ideal customer is and the best persona for you to use. 

Keeping all these moving parts in mind, here are 15 outreach email templates that are effective at helping you hook more leads and capture more deals (or use to train your AI virtual assistant).

Inbound sales emails

Inbound sales leads are like fish that calmly swim up to your boat. They’re practically waiting to be caught. 

These leads have encountered your brand somewhere or somehow. It could have been via social media, browsing the web, or even a personal word-of-mouth recommendation. 

Inbound leads took the first step by approaching you, leaving the ball in your court to respond. An ideal inbound sales email should answer any questions while also incorporating the following elements:

  • Personalized greeting – Since inbound leads have already reached out in some manner (and hopefully provided their contact info), it’s a good practice to personalize your emails by including their name when reaching out.
  • Reference to the prospect’s interest – If a lead asked specific questions about your product, make sure to answer them.
  • Value and information – You should explain why the product they’re interested in is the best option for helping them achieve their goals. Alternatively, if there’s another product you offer that is a better match, you can suggest that one instead.
  • Clear call to action – What should the person do after getting your response? Would you like them to book a demo or visit your store? Perhaps you can offer them a free webinar about the best ways to use your product? The final line of your email is the perfect opportunity to drive leads to take a specific action.
  • Contact information – You’ll want to make sure your prospects know how they can reach you. That might seem a no-brainer, but it’s still possible to ruin a sale by failing to include your contact info at the bottom of your outreach letter.

You can use inbound sales emails for a variety of goals: lead nurturing, enabling inside sales, invitations to a webinar or showroom, special offers, lead qualification, and more. To speed up your inbound outreach, there are many AI tools for inbound sales and marketing, such as AiSDR

Here are some templates you can use for different inbound scenarios. Keep in mind that you’ll need to re-purpose them to fit your situation.

Email #1: Showcasing a new feature

Subject: Join the AI Revolution with AiSDR: Effortless Lead Qualification

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Big news from AiSDR! We’re excited to present our latest feature designed to revolutionize your lead qualification process.

Our sales AI can now sort through your leads like a pro and move them down the sales funnel hassle-free while you sit back and watch. All you need to do is give AiSDR access to your prospect database.

Learn more on our website and see how AiSDR transforms lead qualification, saving you time and elevating your sales strategy to new heights.


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email #2: Demonstration

Subject: Discover how AiSDR books demos for you on autopilot

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Ready for a crowd of new customers snapping up your product? AiSDR is a plug-and-play sales AI that automates outreach, sends replies in < 10 minutes, and drives leads to book demos.

On top of that, AiSDR boasts built-in integrations with ZoomInfo and HubSpot for seamless inbound sales enablement.

Book your demo slot now and experience the future of sales!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email #3: Invitation to view/visit

Subject: Meet AiSDR, Your First AI Sales Rep

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

AiSDR is the first AI SDR that will power your outreach, grow your sales pipeline, and book meetings for you on full autopilot. 

Visit us at [Location/Event] to explore how AiSDR aces real-time sales conversations like a real human (or even better!).

Date: [Date]
Location: [Location]

RSVP by [RSVP Date] to secure your spot. See you there!


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email #4: Webinar registration 

Subject: Master the Future of Sales with AiSDRJoin Our Webinar

Hi [Name],

Ready to transform your inbound sales? Join our exclusive webinar to learn how AiSDR will automate your outreach and 10x your demo bookings at just 10% of a full-time SDR’s price tag.

You’ll find out:

– How AiSDR works under the hood
– Best practices for getting the most out of your AI SDR
– Answers to your most pressing questions

Webinar Details

Date: [Date]
Time: [Time]
Registration Link: [Link]

Discover the power of AI in sales with AiSDR.

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Outbound sales emails and follow-ups 

If inbound is like fishing swimming up to your boat, then outbound is the opposite – You take your boat to where (you think) the fish are. And just like fish finders can help you locate fish, lead discovery databases make it easier for you to identify leads that match your ICP and get their email addresses.

That being said, cold email outreach is a challenge. It’s akin to casting a line in rough waters and stormy weather. You might catch something, but don’t be surprised if your outbound performance isn’t as high as you expect. It’ll take a bit of trial and error before you land on a style of outbound outreach that converts (just make sure not to seem too desperate or creepy).

That’s where follow-ups come in. Just like you’d recast a line that still had bait on its lure, you’ll want to send follow-ups to leads you’ve already contacted. In fact, the failure to send follow-ups is one sign that your current SDR performance needs a revamp.

Still, cold outreach won’t be easy since it needs to lead prospects through multiple stages of the customer journey. To nail this task, an ideal cold outreach sales email should cover the following:

  • Attention-grabbing subject line – You could have the most beautiful email copy, but if your subject line doesn’t appeal, your email’s going in the trash. 
  • Personalization – Addressing the recipient by name and referencing their position and company shows you’ve done your homework and are taking potential collaboration seriously.
  • Introduction and value proposition – While it’s important to Introduce yourself, everything in your email should communicate your product’s value and how it can help solve a lead’s pain points. Bonus tip: Don’t forget that your email should KISS (keep it short & simple).
  • Call to action – Think of what you want your prospect to do: visit your website, book a demo, or something else. Avoid any calls that ask them to spend money.
  • Contact information – Like with inbound, make sure to include your contact info at the bottom to save your reader from having to scroll up.

This looks easier than it is. Since outbound corresponds with cold leads, settling on cold email outreach templates that really work isn’t simple. What works for one lead may not work for another.

But to get you started, here are several templates that you can re-purpose for your outbound campaigns.

Email #5: Statistics

Subject: Sales Teams Love AiSDR. Here’s Why!

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Did you know that businesses using AiSDR have seen 10x more bookings? Our AI-driven approach to sales outreach isn’t just innovative. It’s super effective.

AiSDR scores leads and personalizes emails in seconds, turbocharging your sales process and freeing your human SDRs for high-value strategic work. Ready to boost your sales? AiSDR will be your game-changer.

Discover what’s under the hood at AiSDR: [link to guide]. 


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email #6: Nurturing email

Subject: Get a behind-the-scenes look at AiSDR

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

The secret sauce to successfully automating your email outreach is your sales persona. That’s because AiSDR uses the info in each persona to tailor your emails by market segment, such as:

✔️Context (e.g. industry, position) 

✔️Customer pains

✔️Your company’s solutions

✔️Social proof (e.g. case studies, testimonials)

✔️Common objections

✔️Responses to objections

It might look like a lot, but AiSDR takes a lot of the hassle out of persona creation. All you need to do is feed a link to your company’s website and AiSDR will deliver a ready-to-use persona that you can fine-tune as needed.


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email #7: Facts about the brand/product

Subject: Discover the Power Behind AiSDRYour AI Sales Partner

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Ever wondered what makes AiSDR stand out in the dynamic world of sales? For starters, our AI technology is tailored for sales success. AiSDR manages all sales outreach activities on full autopilot, from email warm-up and prospecting to lead scoring and personalization.

Interested in joining the ranks of businesses that have redefined their sales strategies with AiSDR?

Book a demo and discover how AiSDR will power your outreach: [add link].


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email #8: Following up with a client

Subject: Step Up Your Sales Game with AiSDR 

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Just touching base, but we wanted to explore how AiSDR can transform your sales process and help you book more meetings with less effort. Are you ready to take your sales efficiency to the next level?

AiSDR was built to be more than just a tool. It’s also your partner in driving sales growth and optimizing SDR costs. Let’s talk about how AiSDR can boost your sales.

Looking forward to connecting!


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Customer development email

Customer development emails try to engage your current customers by encouraging them to explore more of your offerings. With the right amount of nurturing, you can use them to unlock up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Here’s an example of how you can do this.

Subject: Check Out AiSDR’s Top Features for [Recipient’s Industry] Businesses

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Curious about what’s trending in AI-powered sales development? Explore AiSDR’s most popular features, like lead qualification, fast personalization, and automated sales outreach. These tools have been game-changers for [Recipient’s Industry] businesses that wanted to efficiently grow their sales pipeline.

Check out the features you can use to revamp and re-tool your sales process: [add link]


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Customer retention email

Customer retention emails seek to keep your customers engaged and interested in your brand. In other words, you’ll want to make sure they know why they love buying from you. You might even offer them something new to test, such as a trial version of an upcoming product that’s not yet available to anyone else.

Email #10: Trial version offer

Subject: Experience the Future of SalesTry AiSDR 2.0 for Free!

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Ready to take your sales to the next level? We’re thrilled to offer an exclusive free trial of AiSDR 2.0 just for you.

AiSDR 2.0, our latest version, goes beyond lead qualification and automated follow-ups. It can now compose and send out compelling cold outreach emails. How does that sound?

Don’t miss out—sign up for your free trial today and brace for a crowd of new customers knocking at your door tomorrow!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Template for a product review

Every product needs some form of social proof to use as sales enablement material. Genuine customer reviews are one of the best ways to convince new customers that not only do other people love your product, but that they should try it out. 

The trick is getting those reviews.

One option is to send them a thoughtful, personalized email that might offer a special discount or perk in exchange for a review.

Email #11: Share your opinion

Subject: We Value Your OpinionShare Your AiSDR Experience!

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Have you enjoyed how AiSDR has driven your sales success? We’d love to hear about your experience! Your feedback is invaluable in making your AI sales assistant even more efficient.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts or leave a review here [Link to Review Page]. Your insights are greatly appreciated!

As a token of our gratitude, enjoy a special 10% discount on your next AiSDR subscription after you post your review. Simply use the code: 


That’s our way of saying thanks for being an amazing part of the AiSDR community.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Template for offering a discount 

People love discounts. But they’ll love yours even more if they’re offered in an appealing manner.

Email #12: Offer discounts for customers

Subject: A Special Thank YouEnjoy an Exclusive Discount on AiSDR!

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

We want to thank you for being a valued member of the AiSDR community. Enjoy a special 20% discount on your next upgrade or addition of AiSDR features. Your continued support means the world to us, and this is our way of showing appreciation for it.

Please use the code THANKYOU20 at checkout to redeem your discount.

Cheers to ongoing sales success,

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Response to customer feedback

Responding to customer reviews with a ’thank you’ note is a good business practice. It shows your customers that you care about them and their opinions. 

The challenge is knowing how to write such an outreach email so that it doesn’t feel too stiff and formal.

Here’s one idea for such an approach.

Email #13: Thank you for your feedback

Subject: Your Insights Matter to Us at AiSDR!

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

A big thank you for sharing your invaluable feedback about AiSDR! Your insights are crucial in helping us enhance our AI-driven sales solution, and we’re hard at work incorporating new features you will love.

Stay tuned for more updates and features inspired by your suggestions.


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email about a new blog post

Chances are high that you’re probably running some type of blog that your customers can check out. 

To keep them in the loop when new blogs are published, try using this template.

Email #14: Interesting to read

Subject: Check out Our Latest BlogTips, Tricks, and Tales for Nurturing B2B Leads!

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Struggling to convert B2B leads into business deals? AiSDR can help you out! Check out our latest blog to learn four ways you can use AiSDR to complete B2B sales hassle-free: 

[add blog link]

Happy reading!


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Email template for PR publications

Posting is a popular way of connecting with your target audience and establishing yourself as a thought leader. One tactic for expanding your reach is guest posting on other blogs that appeal to the same audience as yours.

That’s easier said than done, but this email template for proposing a guest post might help you out.

Email #15: Proposal for a guest blog post

Subject: Breaking News from the AI World: Guest Post Opportunity for [Blog Name]

Hi [Blogger’s Name],

I’m [Your Name] from AiSDR, a company at the forefront of AI-driven sales technology. We’ve been following your blog, [Blog Name], and we’re impressed by your insights into the sales and marketing industry.

How about joining forces for a win-win collaboration? We’d love to contribute to your blog with a guest post on [Suggested Topic]. We’re confident that this topic will resonate well with your audience, offering valuable info driven by our deep expertise in AI sales technology. We’ll share the post across our channels, too, bringing even more traffic to your blog.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thrilled at the prospect of working together!


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Boost your email conversions with AiSDR

Outreach email templates are a great starting point for executing your sales campaigns. The tricky part is that you can’t just take a ready-made outreach email template and fill in your name and your company. For best results, you’ll need to tailor the template to suit your offerings and your target customer.

Manually customizing one email takes most people 20-30 minutes. Fortunately, you can delegate this to AiSDR and get a mistake-free, hyper-personalized email in seconds. Not only that, but AiSDR can power all follow-ups, replies, and nurturing sequences on autopilot.

Book a demo to witness how AiSDR can run your outreach.


What should an email template include to maximize conversion?

To max out your conversion rates, make sure your email template has:

  • A catchy subject line to grab attention
  • A clear, focused message
  • Personalization
  • Strong call-to-action (CTA) telling the reader exactly what to do next

How often should I update my email templates?

You should aim for a refresh every few months. This way, you can keep things current and in tune with any new trends or changes happening in your business.

What metrics should I track to measure my email campaigns?

Here are some of the metrics you can use to assess your email campaign’s success:

  • Open Rate: This shows how many people actually open your emails.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): This tells you how many clicks the links in your email have.
  • Conversion Rate: This tracks who did what you wanted them to do (e.g., made a purchase).
  • Bounce Rate: This highlights how many emails never reached their destination.
  • Unsubscribe Rate: This indicates how many people opted out of your emails.
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