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Castellum.AI automated unique, hyper-personalized emails for HubSpot inbound lists

“Customer service – great, fast, responsive, internal. You clearly care about customer feedback and want to improve the product.” – Spencer Vuksic, VP of Growth

Key results from using AiSDR
3.7% conversion rate
9-17% response rate
~70% open rate
Industry B2B Software
Team Founders
Location United States

About Castellum.AI

Castellum.AI is a compliance and risk management platform built by former regulators and data experts. It provides clients with access to risk data on sanctions, politically exposed persons, and export controls.


Castellum.AI faced challenges processing inbound leads quickly without resorting to generic email templates. Since leads come from various sources, they wanted to craft unique, personalized messages using info pulled from those sources and LinkedIn to stand out and add a personal touch to emails.


  • Since they manage multiple dynamic lead lists in HubSpot, they wanted follow-ups to automatically take specific behaviors into account.
  • Email personalization was key for demonstrating a deep understanding of each lead.
  • Finding a balance between speed and effective hyper-personalization was difficult.


Without smart email automation, they were forced to choose between time-consuming personalization and ineffective generic templates.

Speed vs personalization choice
Lack of personalization
Lack of timely follow-ups

“We love the platform and plan it to become an integrated part of our stack long term.” – Spencer Vuksic, VP of Growth

11.1% reply rate
4.76% conversion rate
10+ nurturing lists automated

With AiSDR, Castellum.AI automated nurturing emails so that messages would be unique and based on dynamic lead lists from their HubSpot. After leads are synced from HubSpot lists to AiSDR, they receive a one-of-a-kind nurturing email that’s personalized based on their activity and interactions with Castellum.AI. AiSDR then speaks with leads over email to ultimately get leads to book a meeting with the Castellum.AI team.

Sample conversations AiSDR had for #Castellum.AI

In Spencer’s words, AiSDR “gets the job done.” Castellum.AI’s team leverages AiSDR to hyper-personalize nurturing emails that use leads’ LinkedIn information and their HubSpot data. They spend 10 minutes setting up a campaign before letting AiSDR handle the rest while they tackle strategic work.

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