Simplifying Your Sales Tech: Software Replaced by AiSDR

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According to HubSpot, 45% of sales professionals admit they feel overwhelmed by the number of sales tools in their tech stack while 1 in 4 sales leaders believe they have too many tools.

To address this issue, sales teams are exploring options for reducing their tech, whether it’s by finding an all-in-one sales tool or completely eliminating certain tools from their arsenal.

Since some tools will always be necessary, such as a CRM, this means teams are on the lookout for solutions that support key integrations.

AiSDR checks both boxes: It’s capable of replacing specialized software that completes specific sales tasks and it supports key integrations that every sales team will want.

Here’s a closer look at some of the different sales software functions that AiSDR successfully replaces.

What Sales Software Does AiSDR Replace?

AiSDR is an end-to-end sales outreach solution that covers all outreach responsibilities from the creation of an inbox to the moment when a lead books a demo.

Content generator

48% of salespeople admit that they struggle with communicating value. This means that roughly 1 in 2 sales team members will face a serious challenge convincing leads to book meetings and close deals.

Every email created by AiSDR is not only 100% unique, but each one strives to deliver value to leads and push leads to book a meeting. All you have to do is highlight the values you want to emphasize and AiSDR will start selling for you on full autopilot.

For the cherry on top, AiSDR will respond to all incoming emails from interested leads within 10 minutes, maximizing your chances of a successful sale. AiSDR even handles all questions, objections, and follow-ups, securing you a competitive sales advantage considering 80% of salespeople stop after one email.


  • (Team plan: $250/month)
  • Jasper (Pro plan: $69/month per seat)
  • Rytr (Business plan: $49/month for 100,000 characters)

Lead databases 

Cold outbound requires a steady stream of fresh leads in order to prove successful in the long run.

AiSDR provides unlimited access to our Lead Discovery database, which contains the verified contact information for more than 700M professionals across 35M+ companies around the world.

Users can quickly find, filter, and add leads that match their ideal customer profile


  • ZoomInfo (~$1,250/month)
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Advanced plan: $149/month)
  • (Organization plan: $119/month per user)

Email sequencing

Before generative AI, you had two primary choices when it came to email outreach: (1) highly personalized yet manually written emails or (2) pre-made email templates and sequences.

Both had (and still have) their pros and cons.

In the first case, it takes a salesperson 20–30 minutes to fully personalize and send an email. Even if a salesperson spends all day crafting tailored emails, they’ll be capped at 16-24 emails per day. So while you excel at personalization, you’re held back by a lack of volume. SDRs will also be hard-pressed to balance their workload and regularly send follow-ups.

In the second case, templates and sequences allow you to blast through your entire lead database quickly and efficiently. This solves the issue of low sending volume, but standardized templates and sequences don’t allow sufficient, meaningful personalization that converts. To make matters worse, your odds of burning your domain are higher.

AiSDR solves each of these problems.

In less than a minute, AiSDR crafts fully personalized and unique emails that look and sound like they were written by you. AiSDR also allows you to ramp up your sending volume to hundreds of emails per day, so long as you have enough leads and mailboxes.


  • (Ultimate plan: $139/month per user)
  • Warmly (Business plan: $1,200/month)
  • (Organization plan: $119/month per user)

Email warm-up

In 2023, the time it took to warm up new domains and inboxes grew from ~14 days to ~4 weeks. Even if your inbox is ready, you’ll still need to continue sending emails to keep it warm.

Manual warm-up, while cost-effective, is time-consuming and tedious.

Outsourced warm-up can quickly get expensive, especially since you have to continuously send emails.

AiSDR handles all email warm-up and cooldown activity automatically. If your inbox starts to run too hot by sending too many emails in too short a time, AiSDR will slow down the outgoing rate, helping you avoid triggering spam filters.


  • Warmy (Premium plan: $189/month per mailbox)
  • Intuit Mailchimp (Premium plan: $175/month)
  • External agencies (from $100/month per domain & 2 inboxes)

Bounce checker

A bounce checker is an oft-overlooked yet essential piece of sales software.

Typically, outbound sales campaigns should score a bounce rate under 5% while inbound campaigns should be no more than 1%. Every time an email sent by you bounces, it hurts your deliverability and sender reputation. 

Too many bounces could cause your account to be blocked, setting your campaigns back ~4 weeks.

That’s where a bounce checker comes in. 

AiSDR includes a built-in email bounce checker that automatically verifies email addresses before emails get sent, protecting your reputation and maximizing deliverability.


  • Zerobounce ($75/month for 10,000 email addresses)
  • Emailable ($51/month for 5,000 email addresses)
  • Bouncer ($20/month for 10,000 email addresses)

Cost Breakdown: AiSDR vs SDR Sales Tech

AiSDR covers all the sales responsibilities mentioned above: content generation, lead discovery and prospecting, email sequencing, inbox warm-up, and bounce checks.

It also does so at one all-inclusive price. The only factor that affects the monthly cost of AiSDR is your sending volume. That means you won’t be charged extra for extra seats, extra seats, and other add-ons.

Here’s a side-by-side price comparison between AiSDR and an example of an SDR’s typical tech stack. 

As shown above, an SDR’s typical tech stack is nearly 3x more expensive than the cost of one month of AiSDR.

Key Integrations in AiSDR

Any good AI SDR will need to support certain software integrations: an email service provider (ESP), a CRM, and so on.

Here’s a quick rundown of AiSDR’s core integrations. In the near future, AiSDR will add integrations for Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook.


Not only can you connect and disconnect your Gmail account as you go, you can also add as many Gmail mailboxes as you want. Each mailbox added effectively increases your max daily sending volume by 50 (assuming that the mailbox has been properly warmed up). Lastly, you can use AiSDR’s automatic inbox warm-up feature to start warming up new Gmail inboxes.


AiSDR’s HubSpot integration allows you to import and add your leads to campaigns directly from HubSpot. AiSDR also uses data from HubSpot to improve and fine-tune intent-based outreach, improving campaign performance in the process.


By integrating your Calendly and sharing your Calendly link, AiSDR will be able to automatically share the link with leads who want to book a meeting. AiSDR will also update your calendar accordingly while notifying you via email of any demo requests.

Conveniently Grow Your Sales Pipeline with AiSDR Outreach

As an all-in-one outreach solution, AiSDR allows you to set your entire sales outreach process on autopilot. At just 10% of the cost of a full-time SDR, you’ll free your sales team from time-consuming tasks so they can focus on high-level strategic work and develop essential sales skills.

More importantly, by consolidating all of your team’s sales tech into one platform, you unlock the potential for your sales team to boost their performance and make their processes more efficient.
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