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Simplifying Mailbox Warm-up Checklist

Learn how to make sure your emails always land in the inbox

Email warm-up isn’t simple, and it takes ~4-6 weeks before it’s ready for cold outreach. Proper warm-up will build your sender reputation, save your domain from burning, and keep your outreach from getting set back by over a month.

We created a step-by-step checklist to untangle the challenges of manual warm-up. Our checklist covers how to:

  • Select a good domain for outreach
  • Set up email security for automated messaging
  • Send valid warm-up emails and responses
  • Manage your daily outgoing volume

This checklist breaks down everything you need to run email campaigns that land emails in leads’ inboxes.



Sales teams

Make sure your outreach isn’t dragged down by low deliverability and poor sender reputation. Build trust with cold leads and take steps toward better sales outcomes.


Make sure your funds don’t get burned by having to recreate domains from scratch. Establish credibility with good sender reputations and warm-up mailboxes.

Marketing teams

Guarantee that your marketing sends reach your leads’ inboxes. Maximize your opens, CTR, and chances of reply.

Craft personalized, high-quality outreach emails in less than 5 seconds