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10+ Effective Lead Nurturing Email Templates

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An average company converts only 20% of its leads into customers. 

But what if you could convert 40%, 60%, or even 80% of leads?

Your growth would skyrocket.

The trick is converting leads in a way that avoids breaking the bank while maxing your margins.

That’s because only a small percentage of leads are ready to buy when you first approach them. 

When done right, a strategy of regular email nurturing and follow-ups will pay off since 63% of leads convert within 3 months

The easiest and most cost-effective tactic for nurturing leads is to leverage email templates. You can use good templates to provide a foundation for your emails, or you can use them as examples for fine-tuning a sales AI like AiSDR.

What is a lead nurturing email?

A lead nurturing email is an email sent to a person who had some type of interaction with you that resulted in you obtaining their contact details.

This person may be an active user of your solution, a website visitor who filled out a contact form, or someone you met at a conference or industry event.

The goal of email nurturing is to establish and maintain a relationship rather than push a person to make a purchase. 

However tempting it may be to simply toss leads your most attractive offer and call it a day, this approach no longer works as effectively. In today’s environment, a lead may need as many as 10 nurturing emails before converting into a customer.

Benefits of lead nurturing emails

Crafting emails to nurture your leads isn’t easy, but it frequently pays off with these results:

  • More sales-ready leads – A study by Forrester Research showed that lead nurturing can increase the number of sales-ready leads by 50%. That means you can boost your sales revenue by a half!
  • Lower cost per lead – Email nurturing has been found to reduce lead conversion costs by 33%. That’s how much you can save by engaging existing leads rather than pursuing new ones.
  • More repeat purchases – After being reminded about your company and product, customers are more likely to buy from you again.
  • Larger purchases – Nurtured leads spend up to 47% more than non-nurtured leads. This happens because a personal connection with your company prompts people to spend more.

Just like any other marketing and sales strategy, these perks are only obtainable if you do email nurturing right. 

5 tips for good lead nurturing emails

The best lead nurturing emails aren’t just about what you write. They’re also about how you write, who you write to, and how you process feedback. 

Here are some tactics you can use to level up your email nurturing:

Personalize emails 

The strongest subject lines are personalized. If your subject lines address your prospect by name and reference their pain point (e.g. “[LeadName], are you struggling with [problem]?]”), your email stands a much higher chance of being opened.

You should also tailor the email’s content by using the lead’s name in your greeting and making sure the pains you mention are relevant to their position and industry.

Sales AI tools like AiSDR can also make it easier to personalize emails using a lead’s recent LinkedIn activity and your HubSpot data.

Segment by intent level 

Has this person requested a demo of your product? Have they started their first order but abandoned the shopping cart? Maybe they were previously your user but they haven’t logged in for a while? 

For best results, you’ll need a different lead email template for each scenario.

Track your email metrics 

Rates are king. 

Keep an eye on key outreach metrics like your email open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates to see which lead nurturing templates work best. 

You can also run an A/B test and experiment with subject lines, content, and layout to figure out what resonates with your audience. 

Use different types of CTAs 

Don’t drive your prospects away by repeating the same request over and over in every single email. 

Even your best CTA needs to alternate or be rephrased. For example, it’s a good idea to find a decent balance of direct requests (“Book a meeting slot”) with CTA questions (“Shall we set up a call?”).

As you collect more email data, you can start to rely more on the type of CTA that works best.

Strike a balance between email templates and personalization 

Almost everyone uses nurturing email templates in one way or another. 

They excel at scaling outreach for a large pool of leads when you don’t have time to manually write and personalize each message.

The challenge is finding the right template that makes it easier for you to mention pains, highlight solutions, and automate personalization.

The last point can’t be overemphasized enough. Personalization is proven to boost engagement and responses, but it takes a human 20-30 minutes to craft a tailored message. In comparison, AiSDR can create and send a personalized email in less than 10 seconds.

Lead nurturing email templates

Here are several templates you can use for a variety of scenarios related to nurturing inbound leads, from reaching out to a prospect to re-engaging existing customers. 

Feel free to adjust them as you’d like and use them for fine-tuning your own sales AI assistant.

Template 1: Apology for a delivery delay

Subject: Update on Your <company name> Order

Dear <Lead Name>,

We are truly sorry for the delay in your order. We’re working hard to get it to you by <new delivery date>. 

As a token of our apology, we would like to offer you a one-time discount on your next order: <discount code>

Thank you for your patience!


The <company name> Team

Template 2: Email that presents research

Subject: <Lead Name>, Eager to Improve Your <relevant topic>?

Hi <Lead Name>,

Our latest research on <topic> reveals key trends that could impact your business: 

<summary of relevant trends>. 

Check out the full report here: <link>


<Your Name>

Template 3: Personalized one-time offer or discount

Subject: <Lead Name>, Exclusive Offer Just for You!

Hi <Lead Name>,

Considering your interest in <relevant product/service>, we would like to offer you <offer details> valid until <expiry date>. 

Use code: <promo code> at checkout: <link to the offer page> 

Enjoy this token of our appreciation!


<company name>

Template 4: Re-engagement email 

Subject: <Lead Name>, We Miss You at <company name>!

Hi <Lead Name>,

We hope you enjoyed our <relevant product/service>. Since then, we’ve further improved it to include <update summary>.

As a welcome back, we’re offering <special offer details>. 

Come see what’s new: <link>

Welcome back,

The <company name> Team

Template 5: Invitation to an event or webinar

Subject: <Lead Name>, Join Us for <event name>!

Hi <Lead Name>,

Thank you for your interest in <relevant topic>.

You’re cordially invited to get the newest insights on it from <expert name(s)> at <event name> on <date>. Discover <key topics> and more! 

Register here: <link>

Hoping to see you,

<Your Name> at <company name>

Template 6: Limited-time offer

Subject: Hurry, <Lead Name>! Save Big for <offer duration> Only!

Dear <Lead Name>,

We remember your interest in <relevant product/service>, so we’d like you to know <offer details>.

Act fast; this special offer expires on <expiry date>. 

Don’t miss out! Grab it here: <link>

Best regards,

<Your Name> at <company name>

Template 7: Promotional offer or product presentation

Subject: <Lead Name>, Meet Our Latest Innovation – <product name>!

Hi <Lead Name>,

We’re excited to unveil our new <product name>! It’s perfect for <key benefit>. 

Explore its features and exclusive launch offers here: <link>


<company name>

Template 8: Thank you note 

Subject: Thank You, <Lead Name>!

Dear <Lead Name>,

Thank you for choosing our <product/service>. 

We truly value your support and are here to assist you anytime. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

<customer support contact>

Warm regards,

<Your Name>

Subject: You Might Also Like These, <Lead Name>

Hi <Lead Name>,

Thank you for your interest in <product/service>. You might also like <related product/service> that goes well with it <key benefit>. 

Check them out here: <link>


<Your Name> at <company name>

Template 10: Request for a survey or feedback

Subject: We Value Your Feedback, <Lead Name>

Hi <Lead Name>,

Help us improve by sharing your thoughts on <recent interaction>. It only takes a minute! 

As our thank you for completing the survey, you will get a personal one-time 10% discount code to use with your next order.

Please fill out our quick survey here: <link>

Thank you,

<Your Name> at <company name>

Template 11: Customer greeting

Subject: Welcome to <company name>, <Lead Name>!

Dear <Lead Name>,

We’re thrilled to have you with us! Explore your new <product/service> and let us know if you have any questions. 

You might also want to check out these <products/services> that work well with <product/service>: <link>

Welcome aboard!


The <company name> Team

Measure the impact of your email lead nurturing

Collecting email performance data is easy. Interpreting (and applying) the results is easier said than done. 

Here’s a quick overview about which parts of your lead nurturing email might need revising based on your metrics:

  • Low open rate: Revise your lead list and subject line. Check if your DKIM, SPF, and DMARC are properly set up.
  • Low CTR: Revise the email body and CTA.
  • Low conversion: Check for a possible mismatch between the offer and its description in the email or for technical issues on the web page.

Alternatively, you can delegate email lead nurturing to AI and it will track email performance and learn as it sells automatically.

Nurture your leads more efficiently with AiSDR

AiSDR eliminates value-less messaging and engages 100% of your leads. Our sales AI can also sync with active and static HubSpot lists and use your data to more efficiently guide leads to the next logical step in their buyer journey.

  • Personalization – AiSDR will use a lead’s LinkedIn posts and your HubSpot data to personalize your messaging for each lead.
  • Segmentation – AiSDR can sort your leads by intent, ensuring each group gets relevant offers that match their current interest and goals.
  • Performance monitoring – AiSDR tracks essential email metrics like meetings booked so that you can know which campaigns are thriving and which aren’t.

Tying all of these together is the fact that AiSDR runs the sales tactics and success scripts of 50+ sales leaders under the hood.

Book a demo to find out how AiSDR can nurture your leads.

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