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Top 10 Sales Prospecting Tools of 2024

Reading time 7m 59s

Thriving businesses excel at guaranteeing a steady stream of leads into their sales pipeline. 

But in 2024, the businesses that rise to the top are those that find ways to scale sales prospecting despite having smaller teams and less budget than they’re used to.

We’ll walk you through the top 10 sales prospecting tools for this year, as well as what you need to look for when deciding which prospecting software to use.

What is sales prospecting?

Sales prospecting involves identifying and contacting possible customers who might have an appetite for your solution. It’s oftentimes the first step in a sales cycle that hopes to eventually turn a lead into an eager customer.

Sales prospecting covers a variety of tasks, such as gathering prospect data, qualifying leads, and sending cold emails. 

What are the benefits of AI sales prospecting tools?

Some of the tasks involved in sales prospecting can quickly take up too much of the sales reps’ time, from sifting through lists for viable prospects to sending hundreds of emails to initiate contact. Fortunately, AI tools can take the bulk of these tasks off sales reps’ hands, letting them focus on value-added activities. 

Here are the major perks of adopting AI-powered sales enablement tools:

Faster lead discovery

Manual lead discovery requires spending hours scouring LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and online directories for contact information that could end up being erroneously entered into a CRM or spreadsheet. 

AI sales prospecting tools speed up lead discovery by automatically scraping and pulling contact information from various sources. 

Some solutions like AiSDR, even maintain their own database, allowing sales teams to access millions of leads and filter them based on the attributes that match their ideal customer profile. 

Streamlined workflow

AI sales prospecting tools should go beyond just digging up contact information. The top solutions automate several sales cycle stages and streamline workflows for your teams. 

AiSDR, for instance, automates lead qualification and nurturing, ensuring your prospects steadily move down your pipeline.

Lead data enrichment

AI sales prospecting tools can expand on the information you already have on your leads. 

AiSDR uses its lead discovery engine to fill in missing gaps in your lead data from HubSpot. It even takes insights from a prospect’s last three LinkedIn posts to make messages more timely, interesting, and relevant.

How to choose a sales prospecting tool for your business

If you’re on the lookout for a sales prospecting tool, you’ll want to take these factors into consideration:

Reach and scalability

A sales prospecting tool has to scale and evolve alongside your business. As your company grows, the tool must be able to handle an increasing pool of prospects and customer segments. 

Using AiSDR, you can set up and run sales campaigns in multiple languages and time zones, simplifying the challenges of outreach to foreign markets. AiSDR’s lead discovery database further allows you to search for and filter leads by location.

Integration with current sales stack

Sales prospecting tools should fit into your existing tech stack and support integrations for essential sales software like Gmail, Outlook, and HubSpot. The best teams go one step further by allowing you to request a custom integration.

AiSDR reduces your software spend by providing built-in features that help you consolidate your software costs.

Advanced AI capabilities

An advanced AI sales prospecting tool can level up your sales team’s productivity by discovering leads, adding them to campaigns, and engaging them automatically.

AiSDR can also process out-of-office messages and other auto-replies. It pauses messages and resumes them once the lead returns to work, and it removes prospects who are no longer at the company (in addition to adding any referrals from the ex-employee). 

Availability of accurate data analysis

A top sales prospecting tool needs to provide reliable data that allows you to evaluate and improve your processes. 

AiSDR’s performance dashboard provides a clear breakdown of key sales metrics, such as open rate, percentage of leads engaged, and meetings booked across all campaigns or select campaigns and periods. 

Quality of customer support

The best sales prospecting providers deliver an unparalleled level of support that resolves any questions and technical issues so that you get the most out of your subscription.

AiSDR offers best-in-class 24/7 customer support, a dedicated support agent that users can message directly, and custom fixes and integrations.

Top 10 Sales Prospecting Tools of 2024

Good AI-powered sales prospecting tools are a straightforward and cost-effective way of meeting a company’s needs as it scales.

Here are 2024’s 10 best sales prospecting tools: 


AiSDR provides access to a database of 700 million professionals from 35 million companies across the globe. It automatically qualifies the leads and then books meetings through human-sounding text and email conversations. It also carefully verifies each email address to minimize bounce rates. 

AiSDR pricing: $750 for 1,000 emails sent and unlimited leads


Hunter.io allows you to expand your prospecting list by finding and verifying email addresses. Simply type a domain name into the search bar, and the tool will pull up emails associated with that website. You may also link this email finder with your Gmail to access templates and tools that accelerate the outreach process.

Hunter.io pricing: Plans start at $34 monthly for 500 searches and 1,000 verifications


Meltwater allows you to tap into a network of 15 million businesses and identify prospects by extracting and analyzing data using its sales intelligence tools. It also sends out news alerts that you can use to personalize your outreach emails. 

Meltwater pricing: Quotes available upon request


Lusha comes with a search platform that allows you to pull up accurate contact information, including job titles, seniority levels, and email addresses. You can also connect this tool to your CRM to easily store prospect lists and actionable data. 

Lusha pricing: Plans start at $36 per month for every user 

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM offers a sales prospecting bot template with conversational text and workflows designed to capture prospects and feed sales cadences. You can customize the dialogues for various sales use cases, such as directing prospects toward appropriate website resources and answering common queries.

Salesforce CRM pricing: Plans start at $35 per month for every user

HubSpot Saleshub CRM

HubSpot Sales Hub CRM has a prospecting workspace that lets you manage prospecting activities from one place. You can use it to sequence tasks, review goals, and track progress.

Pricing: Plans start at $83 monthly for every seat


Mailshake provides access to over 100 million prospects, allowing you to search for qualified leads within the platform. You can filter prospects by a specific company, role, and location and then send a personalized email for every segment.

Mailshake pricing: Plans start at $25 per month for every user


Overloop comes with a tool that digs up missing email addresses and imports leads from LinkedIn. It also allows you to send personalized emails at scale and manage the entire sales cycle from one place.

Overloop pricing: Plans start at $58 per month for every user

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert lets you search for verified emails by typing in the prospects’ full name and their company’s domain name. You can do a bulk search by uploading your CSV into the bulk email finder tool. Adding sequences and sending out emails without leaving the platform is also possible.

Voila Norbert pricing: Plans start at $49 per month for 1,000 leads


Datanyze offers a Google Chrome extension that allows you to extract email addresses and mobile numbers from company websites and LinkedIn profiles directly from your browser. It also comes with market share reports that keep you up-to-date with industry trends.

Datanyze pricing: Plans start at $21 per month

Before you opt for one of these tools for sales prospecting, you’ll need to analyze your own business needs and create a shortlist of tools that satisfy your requirements.

Fuel your campaigns with leads from the right AI prospecting tool

The right AI prospecting tool can be a powerful sidekick for uncapping your potential and scaling your business growth.

That’s because AI prospecting can optimize your existing sales processes while freeing sales teams to concentrate their efforts and resources on demos or finalizing deals with high-intent leads.

AiSDR lead prospecting goes even further by empowering your teams to swiftly personalize sales messages using your HubSpot data and a lead’s details, activity, and their level of intent. 

Book a demo to see AiSDR in action.


What are sales prospecting questions?

Sales prospecting questions are typically open-ended questions that get prospects talking and help sales reps collect the information they need. 

Common sales prospecting questions are:

  • What has been your biggest challenge when keeping up with your competition this year?
  • Which types of tools do you use to execute your business plans?
  • What is your budget?
  • When is a good time to follow up?

What are the best ways to find sales leads?

There are many options available for finding sales leads. Some are free but more labor-intensive, such as scraping data from LinkedIn and other social media websites. Alternatively, you can create an account that gives you access to a lead database like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and AiSDR.

How can I quickly build a database of potential customers?

You can build your own prospect database by scraping lead lists and lead databases that contain the contact information of potential leads. You can also use opt-in forms, referrals, and website lead intelligence to collect data from people who show interest in your solution. 

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