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AiSDR Product Update: May 2024

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AiSDR news

Summer is coming… (Sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation 😃)

Although summer isn’t quite here yet (nor is a certain show), what has arrived is our newest product improvements and latest content.

Here’s a closer look at what we’ve done in May 2024.

Revamped HubSpot Integration   

Last month, we shipped a feature that lets you enrich your lead data and fill in gaps using our Lead Discovery engine.

This month, we’ve expanded our native HubSpot integration so that it covers even more use cases. 

Now you can:

  • Use up to 3 HubSpot properties to personalize emails
  • Sync data whenever you update leads in HubSpot
  • Track meetings booked via your HubSpot calendar

You can connect your AiSDR account to HubSpot by going to Settings, clicking on Integrations, and hitting the Integrate button under HubSpot (just make sure you’re logged in!).

Apollo Integration

As part of AiSDR’s basic subscription, users now have access to two different lead databases to search for and find prospects for campaigns: Apollo.io and RocketReach.

You can use both databases to:

  • Enrich your existing lead data and fill in gaps
  • Cross-verify lead data for more accuracy and “completeness”
  • Reduce potential lead duplication
  • Identify and add more leads who may be in one database but not the other

Leads can be added to campaigns from either database via our Campaign Builder (if you’re creating a campaign) or a campaign’s management page (if the campaign was already created).

Leadership Nuggets

We’ve started a new blog series called Leadership Nuggets. Each post shares a problem we needed to solve and the tactic we used as the solution.

Every “leadership nugget” comes from the leaders of our different teams:

  • CEO/Head of Sales
  • CTO/Head of Product Development
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Customer Success

Our most recent leadership nugget covers how our customer success team helped a client 6x their campaign’s open rate.

Resource Library

We’ve collected our different guides, ebooks, and other content and published them in our new Resource Library.

It provides a central location where you can learn about best practices, sales insights, and other how-to content on using AI to build your pipeline and forge good relationships with prospects.

You can also find our latest blog posts, as well as links to important webpages.

Take AiSDR for a Spin

Our latest product improvements and sales resources will help you beat your outreach benchmarks like how NVIDIA keeps beating their earnings each month.

As a sneak peek for next month, here’s a little hint about what’s in store… 


But that’s all we’re giving you for now 😉You’ll have to stay tuned in to see what we release.

If you want to take advantage of all our new features, all you need is an AiSDR account.

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