Top 8 AI Sales Tools to Hit Quota in 2023 Without Breaking the Bank

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Meeting sales quota is crucial to keeping revenue flowing and business growing. It’s no wonder companies are investing heavily in empowering their sales teams with analytics, automation, and data processing tools — or that AI-based tools top the list for their ability to eliminate human error, answer inquiries fast, and save on human resources. 

IBM’s 2022 Global AI Adoption Index suggests that 26% of organizations already use AI to improve their sales and marketing efforts. And with a whole host of tools available for different purposes and budgets, there’s no reason you can’t join them before the competition catches up. 

Let’s get straight to our rundown of the best sales automation and prospecting tools to add to your shortlist.

Top AI sales tools to try now

Research from McKinsey shows that around 31% of tasks across the sales pipeline can be automated. Take a look at the six areas that show the most potential for AI in sales:

Source: McKinsey

And the best part? Wherever you want to start, there’s already a tool to help. 

Here are the solutions to consider if you’re looking for the best AI sales tools to automate repetitive tasks, improve sales data analytics, and boost your team’s performance.



  • $750/month for every 1,000 emails sent or 10 meetings booked

AiSDR is designed for startups, sales, and marketing teams to improve inbound and outbound lead qualification, call scheduling, and email campaign development. The tool’s power lies in taking responses to previous conversations as prompts for addressing prospect questions and encouraging prospects to book a call or demo.

AiSDR outperforms your sales development representatives (SDRs) and improves performance at 10% of the labor cost. This way, you can maintain smaller teams without sacrificing the work quality. Join the AiSDR waitlist to be the first to get a free trial and receive product updates. 



  • Free: basic features and integration with Word, Docs, Chrome, Outlook
  • Pro: $25/month + one-month free trial
  • Enterprise: quote-based pricing
  • API: Free to try, quote-based pricing

Sapling is an AI-based messaging assistant that integrates with your CRM (Zendesk, ServiceNow, or Salesforce), social media platforms (LinkedIn), and email (Gmail) to create personalized responses faster. Sapling’s live chat response suggestions and autocomplete feature help reps respond to more clients and reduce follow-up and response time while improving messaging and language quality. 

Sapling also lets you create and share a knowledge base of messaging snippets, which comes in handy when training new SDRs or analyzing communication performance. As a result, Sapling users report a decrease in first response time from 60.9h to 39.4h and an 8% increase in customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

Second Nature


  • Free demos and simulation scenarios are available upon registering
  • Quote-based pricing for all businesses

Second Nature is an AI-based software that helps companies provide personalized and interactive sales training. It’s a great tool to prepare sales leaders, L&D professionals, contact center operators, and marketing leaders for your specific workflows and sales activities, spending less on their education. 

With Jenny, the AI conversational bot, you have plenty of simulation scenarios (Cold Calling, Sales Product Pitch, etc.) for the employees to practice specific skills and behaviors. Using Second Nature for sales teams will help lock B2B deals, upgrade the quality of sales conversations, and discover more sales opportunities. As a result, the teams will reach their sales quotas and improve revenue.



  • Free Forever: $0/month for basic features and limited copies/messages/voiceovers
  • Unlimited (limited-time offer): $29/month
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Extended: $69/month

Writecream’s sales email automation software uses generative AI to create copywriting and marketing content such as cold emails, video and podcast scripts, long-form blog articles, and shareable social media posts.

Writecream’s art feature can help you turn your concept into visual content, saving you the cost of hiring professional designers. However, the tool’s biggest superpower is its ability to personalize icebreakers such as cold emails, backlink outreach, and LinkedIn connections and requests to win you more clients: effectively, a whole team of AI sales assistants in one!


  • Free: $0/month for one user and basic English writing features
  • Pro: $49/month or $36/month billed monthly/annually
  • Enterprise: quote-based pricing is another example of artificial intelligence in sales for content creation. This tool helps marketers and sales teams write compelling context-based copy in seconds. 

Dubbed ChatGPT for sales writing, gives you a ready-to-edit draft for blog articles, social media posts, ecommerce, or digital ad copy. With its 90 tools and templates in 29 languages, you can reach your leads and prospects everywhere and hit quota faster.



  • Quote-based pricing for all businesses

Chorus, part of the Zoominfo platform, lets sales teams instantly turn phone calls, meetings, and emails into analyzable text and then processes them using conversational intelligence to uncover effective sales techniques.

This artificial intelligence solution for sales is backed by 14 patented technologies whose deep conversation analytics improve visibility into your sales activities and customer behavior across different channels. Moreover, it helps your team gain market intelligence, forecast sales outcomes, and adjust your sales approach based on performance.



  • Free: €0/month for basic features 
  • Individual: €29/month, 20% discount if billed annually
  • Team: quote-based pricing

Humanlinker is one of the best lead prospecting tools and does exactly what its name implies — links you to the right people for your sales outreach. It functions as a Chrome extension in Free and Individual plans and can be a full-fledged SaaS platform in the Team plan.

This AI sales and prospecting solution includes a 360° Account & People Intelligence feature (Team plan only) that gives comprehensive insights into your prospects. It also allows you to personalize priority accounts.



  • Free forever: $0/month for for basic features 
  • Pro: $25/month, 20% discount if billed annually
  • Enterprise: quote-based pricing

tl;dv is a powerful AI sales platform for recording video calls, conferences, and virtual meetings in Google Meets and Zoom. This tool turns your calls into transcripts and notes to share with your teams, departments, and new employees.

With features like automatic speech recognition, an interview repository, and an AI-powered notetaker, your sales teams will run smarter follow-ups and focus on conversations, not note-taking. tl;dv syncs with Salesforce and HubSpot for a unified experience.

These nine tools are just the pick of a huge range of AI-powered solutions you can use to meet sales quotas faster and more easily. And the AI in sales boom is just getting started — the time has never been better to analyze your business processes and join the technology revolution to sell more and outstrip the competition.


The AI technologies in the new wave of prospecting, content creation, and sales automation tools empower today’s sales teams to drive more personalized sales and marketing campaigns. And there’s really something for everyone: regardless of your business size, budget, and needs, there are plenty of AI sales solutions to get you started.

If you’re looking for a virtual assistant to do SDR’s work, book a demo to see how AiSDR works. This tool will help you automate routine tasks and hit quota for less.


How is AI used in sales?

AI for sales is typically used in tools that automate, process, and analyze information or create textual or visual content. 

Will AI take over sales?

Artificial intelligence-based sales tools can significantly improve the performance of sales reps and SDRs by automating regular workflows, follow-ups, speech-to-text transcription, and more. More and more businesses are investing in AI sales and prospecting tools to outperform the competition, and the trend looks set to accelerate.

What is the future of AI in sales?

AI in sales will drive more insights about leads and prospects, improve predictive analytics, and automate email campaigns. With the improvement of natural language processing technologies, sales tools will move towards more voice controls and commands in place of prompt typing, as well as improvements in context analytics to help sales teams laser-target prospects and personalize their interactions.

How can I use AI to make money as a sales rep?

You can use various AI-based sales automation tools to improve productivity, reach more prospects, and outperform your quotas. As a result, you can land more high-profile clients (especially in B2B) and earn more from closed deals.

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