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7 Time-Saving Prompts for Your Sales Work

Use these prompts for generative AI to save time on your sales  tasks

Generative AI has proven a godsend for savvy workers willing to leverage artificial intelligence to get their work done faster. According to HubSpot, 52% of sales professionals admitted that AI is important for their day-to-day role. Many have even saved over two hours each day thanks to AI automation.

But if you’re still in the early stages of your AI journey, it doesn’t need to stay that way. We’ve curated 7 thorough sales prompts that will cut down on the amount of time you spend on manual work. This guide contains prompts for:

  • Lead qualification
  • Email A/B testing
  • Email improvements
  • Approach evaluations

Grab this guide to help you leverage generative AI and get your sales work out of the way faster.



Sales teams

With prompts for lead qualification, A/B testing, and case studies, sales teams will complete time-consuming work faster so they can focus on sales


Sales development representatives can use these prompts to build out and fine-tune their approaches to email messaging

Marketing teams

These prompts help content specialists rapidly deliver high-quality, value-rich content that engages leads in less time

Craft personalized, high-quality outreach emails in less than 5 seconds