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5 Reasons to be Thankful for Generative AI in 2023

Reading time 6m 27s

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and in addition to all the fun holiday traditions like the White House turkey pardon, the NFL football games, turkey dinner with stuffing and pumpkin pie, another major custom is expressing what you’re thankful for.

11 months down, and we can see that 2023 has been quite the whirlwind. Believe it or not, it hasn’t even been a year since ChatGPT launched.

You may love it. You may hate it. But you can’t deny that generative AI has proven to be a massive game-changer over the past year.

It’s precisely for that reason that we decided to highlight 5 reasons we’re grateful this Thanksgiving for the advent of generative AI.

Reason 1: Fast and frictionless content creation

Impossible deadlines, changing sales personas, and last-minute content requests are probably business as usual for your sales and marketing team. That’s why it’s no wonder we’re starting our list with faster content creation. 

Generative AI is an excellent tool for quickly and painlessly creating content for any purpose. 

  • Need to draft a prospecting or a welcome email? Feed your customer profile, persona, or HubSpot account to AiSDR and generate tailored email copy in seconds.
  • Need a new content plan? Ask ChatGPT for its ideas and choose the best ones. You only need the right prompt that outlines your value points, target audience, and content purpose. 

For example, let’s look at a sample ChatGPT prompt to generate content ideas:

Here’s an excerpt of its response:

Although the current response is a bit generic, so is the prompt. You’ll achieve better and more meaningful results by feeding more information and context into the prompt.

Or you can ask ChatGPT to elaborate on a specific point further, change some details, or emphasize particular values. With some practice, you can get workable ideas for a simple content plan in minutes (not hours). This will help you overcome writer’s block and stop sweating over every email and post.

Reason 2: A personal touch for everyone

Speed isn’t all you get with AI in content creation. Generative AI software like AiSDR also opens the door to connecting and building relationships with customers through personalization at scale

Marketers and sales teams can use this in two ways: 

  • Ideating and creating personalized content – Adding the pain points and interests of your target audience to a ChatGPT prompt lets you tailor content so that it addresses their specific needs.

For instance, if you sell helpdesk software, you can ask generative AI to describe its benefits for healthcare workers, educators, or office managers based on the software’s capabilities. Highlighting the product’s benefits for a specific audience is shown to improve engagement and conversion.

  • Drafting massive hyper-personalized marketing campaigns and emails – Just like a human SDR, AiSDR can reach out to prospects and engage them via personalized email introductions and responses. While a human SDR is capable of doing this as well, the difference is that AiSDR can achieve follow-ups in less than 10 minutes, which is the best time for conversions.

In short, with generative artificial intelligence, you can ensure personalization for every prospect, lead, or customer. And since research shows that personalization can increase marketing ROI by 10 to 30%, you’re on a roll. 

Reason 3: Answers on the fly

In the old days, Wikipedia and Google were the go-to options when we couldn’t wrap our brains around a complex topic or think about how to communicate it to customers. The problem was that the articles available were dense and difficult to read, especially if you needed a quick answer.

That’s changed since ChatGPT, which is fantastic at explaining complex concepts in simple words and sitting with you patiently when you still don’t understand. You just have to phrase your question correctly — instead of asking “What is…?”, add a few details about the level of complexity, how you want the answer to sound, or how much text you’re willing to read. 

Here are a few instructions you can use in your prompt:

  • Limit your answer to no more than 50 words.
  • Use a simple example.
  • Explain it to me like I’m a 5th grader (or like I’m 5 years old).

Prompt tweaking like this helps you avoid the long and academic-sounding answers that sound like they were ripped from Wikipedia. These tweaks will help ensure the results you get are readable, user-friendly, and brief. Even better, you shouldn’t shy away from asking for further clarification.

Reason 4: Better nurturing, less effort

Call us biased, but we believe generative AI has been the best thing that’s happened to sales and marketing for several years. 

Why? It’s simple – lead nurturing.

Without smart automation, nurturing takes hours. For every email, you need to do research, draft language, answer questions, curate useful content, and analyze responses for every individual lead. And week-in, week-out, you repeat this process until the lead decides to bite or unsubscribe.

Sure, you can rely on email templates and sequences, but their level of personalization is rudimentary at best, and they can only take you so far. With advanced sales generation software like AiSDR, you’ll save time and effort on nurturing leads. Plus, AiSDR personalizes every email for each lead using their data and recent LinkedIn posts.

This helps you improve lead conversion with little to no effort while freeing specialists to focus on high-level, strategic work that requires a human touch. 

Reason 5: No more leads slip through the cracks

Achieving sales goals, especially in 2023’s economic environment, is no easy feat, which is why many of the top SDRs can earn upwards of $80,000. The last thing you want is to have your leads grow cold and slip through the cracks in your sales process. The more this happens, the less efficient your sales spend.

That’s where an AI SDR can provide a helping hand. It frees human SDRs to focus on revenue-driving work like building relationships and arranging demos or other meetings.

While your human SDRs concentrate on activities that can’t be covered by AI, your AI SDR continues to send follow-up messages to unresponsive prospects, as well as respond to common objections and questions. 

If your human specialists were focused to balance high-volume, low-level responsibilities like this with their strategic goals, they would quickly burn out, potentially leading them to overlook potential revenue opportunities or allow leads to go cold.

Simplify your sales outreach with generative AI

Without generative AI and AI SDRs, we’d still be stuck hand-writing dozens of sales emails each day, struggling to overcome writer’s block, or relying on pre-made and generic templates and sequences.  

What’s more, marketing and sales aren’t the only departments that benefit from generative AI. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized output and productivity across the board: developers can save hours with AI programming assistants, support agents can delegate answering common questions to AI-powered chatbots, and even healthcare workers can ensure more personalized care with AI. 

AiSDR will help you automate and scale your email outreach at 10% of the cost of an SDR. Our AI SDR is perfect if you’re a company or organization relying on founder-led sales to grow revenue, or if you lack a full sales team.

Book a demo with our team to discover how AiSDR will power your sales. 

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