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Explore Q2 2024 outreach benchmarks Grab my copy

Oleg Zaremba

CTO and Co-Founder

Has the brain of Doctor Doom for all things tech, but luckily, uses it for the good of humankind

Professional background

Bio facts:
Became the youngest Senior Software Engineer at Booking.com by the age of 24
In 2017, co-founded AXDRAFT, becoming the brainpower behind the automation
Used to travel over 1,000 miles between two jobs every month
Wizard in coding and AI, the main driver behind daily product releases
Taught a course on building startups at UCU university
🎓 Highlights:
3 Masters degrees in Applied Mathematics, Management, & Computer Science
Ph.D. in Computer Science (in progress)
2x Y Combinator alum
Forbes 30 under 30
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fun facts

A few fun facts about Oleg…

AiSDR website images | Photos for the Authors page - Oleg 4
… that you’d learn over lunch
Worked as a graveyard cleaner in Berlin
Used to paint fences in Italy
Rides a sports bike (and sometimes even follows the rules)
Loves to reply to messages with gifs instead of words

How Oleg
uses AI:

starsBuilding AiSDR 😀
starsCoding in a programming language he’s not too familiar with
starsGenerating images when he can’t draw them
starsBrowsing the web and summarizing the results in a few words

Dive into Oleg’s insights

His understanding of how AI works, software development, and staying on top of tech trends is near infinite
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What you will hear from Oleg 100%

quote “It’s not a bug”
quote “Premature optimization”
quote “Doesn’t work? Please try again”
quote “Why?”
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