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Why Sales and Marketing Teams Should Care About Generative AI
If you were to browse any sales and marketing media, chances are you’d encounter information about generative AI in the first five minutes. This isn’t surprising at all — The release of ChatGPT brought a lot of attention to using AI tools for nurturing leads, lead generation, and other sales and marketing tasks. All this […]
Nov 13, 2023
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Blog, Market trends
Generative AI Tools for Inbound Marketing & Sales: Debunking Myths
You can’t avoid generative artificial intelligence (AI) if you’re communicating with customers. According to McKinsey’s 2023 report, leading companies already leverage generative AI for inbound marketing and sales.  Generative AI has enormous potential for B2B and B2C customer conversion, advertising, and outreach. Companies can use it to craft better strategies, personalize their efforts, design creative […]
Sep 13, 2023
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AiSDR for Sales —  An AI-Powered Tool for Company Growth
There’s an old truth that time kills sales. The better news is that AI is giving it back. A massive 97% of sales leaders and sales pros report that using AI tools for sales gives SDRs more time to sell. That means better conversations with prospects, which ups the chances of persuading a prospect to […]
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